Why Storytelling Matters

Storytelling can be seen in all aspects of life from movies, books, music, news media, religions, architecture and painting, you name it.

The history of story telling is ancient, lost in the mists of time. Nobody knows when the first story was actually told. Years ago stories were used to calm the fears or doubts of families and tribes. Before humans learned how to write, they had to rely on their memory to learn what they needed and used stories for this purpose as well as helping people relate to one another.

In the old days, storytellers travelled the world and therefore, stories were shared with others in far away lands. And when storytellers returned home, they brought with them exciting new tales of exotic places and people. Their stories allowed their audiences to digest information more easily because it connects information to emotions. And emotions incite action, and action incites change.

How can your story help?

We both know from personal experience as well as through countless conversations with others that stories not only give hope of what’s possible, they also show human achievement in the face of adversity as well as demonstrating the power of choosing to be courageous in times of despair and fear.

Our mission for Shaken to Awaken is to share transformational stories to empower and inspire change, and reach 1 million people around the world by 2025.

To achieve this we need your help!

They say we are all someone else’s teacher, and that when the student is ready their teacher will appear.

In other words your story matters, you will never know who your story inspires, all you need to know is that it will be the hope someone needs right now!

For this reason stories cannot be compared, one is not better than the other. If something happened (life knocked you down) and you made changes as a result (you worked out how to get back up again and rebuild) then we’d love to hear from you, because we know there is another person out there who needs proof.

Never underestimate the power of a story. They thought the world was flat until someone told a different story. Until someone shared the hope that there was life beyond the horizon!

“Your story could be my medicine, and my story could be yours”

-Nicoline Huizinga

What are you waiting for? Your story needs to be told!

We’d love to hear from you. Do you have a story that you feel could inspire others to find hope and take action just like you did?

Use the form below to share your story with us.*

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Empowering Stories Inspire Change

3 Ways we will share your stories

  1. On our website & social media channels
  2. Video interview
  3. On the Shaken to Awaken stage at a live event

*What kind of story do you want to share?

We have broken down the types of stories into 8 areas listed below with examples. If you don’t feel your story fits into one of these areas, then choose ‘Other’.

  1. Health (Illness, Weight loss)
  2. Work/Business (Redundancy, new job, start up)
  3. Family (Arguments, Illness)
  4. Friends (Arguments, Illness)
  5. Relationship (Break up, Divorce, New beginnings, Marriage)
  6. Accident (Own, Witnessed, Family)
  7. Death (Family, Friend, Witnessed)
  8. Purpose (A project bigger than you, your legacy)

If you have any questions get in touch events@shakentoawaken.com.

We are so excited to hear from you!

Abigail & Nicoline

"Stories create connection breaking down barriers, empowering & inspiring without boundaries"

-Abigail Barnes